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0023606mantisbtadministrationpublic2017-11-14 16:03
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Product Version2.8.0 
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Summary0023606: editing an existing version corrupts date field

if you edit an existing version the date field is shown in native format ( not the expected iso format (yyyy-mm-dd).

Steps To Reproduce

show mantisbt in e.g. german version. go to administration, select a project, add a version & edit.
In my case the field date shows "8-11-20 11:41" which is not in the correct format, since today is "2017-11-08 11:41"

If you edit an existing entry, the date field is also corrupted. If you just save this entry, it is set to the current date!

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related to 0023578 closeddregad Document need for consistency between "normal" and "datepicker" date formats 
related to 0022827 new Wrong dates in "Edit Project Version" 




2017-11-08 05:55

developer   ~0058160

I am not able to reproduce the issue using the given information.
0023578 might be related.



2017-11-08 06:51

reporter   ~0058163

I think this is exactly the issue. I didn't find this one.
When is the release of 2.9?



2017-11-08 06:57

developer   ~0058164

0023578 does not change any functionality, this is just a documentation change.
See documentation of $g_datetime_picker_format and the new warning for it



2017-11-08 07:46

reporter   ~0058165

Oh I see.
in my config the dateformat is defined as the following:
$g_short_date_format = 'd.m.Y';
$g_normal_date_format = 'd.m.Y H:i';
$g_complete_date_format = 'd.m.Y H:i T';

This is common format in germany.

I've attached you some screenshots, you can see the original date and what the dialog/selector looks like.
After saving (the "unchanged date"), it becomes the current date.

c.png (16,058 bytes)
c.png (16,058 bytes)
a.png (3,273 bytes)
a.png (3,273 bytes)
b.png (2,236 bytes)
b.png (2,236 bytes)

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