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0022655mantisbtldappublic2017-12-07 10:38
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PlatformServerOSWindows OS Version2016
Product Version2.2.3 
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Summary0022655: Login via LDAP is not working, error with special characters [APPLICATION ERROR 0000401]

Good Morning!
I use MantisBt with AD integration from my organization, but the accounts here have special characters like: [á é í ç ~ ^] When I login with an account that has these characters the following error is displayed.
Could you help me?
We are users here in Brazil.

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2017-04-03 09:44


Conta acento.png (1,782 bytes)
Conta acento.png (1,782 bytes)
erro login.png (33,844 bytes)
erro login.png (33,844 bytes)


2017-04-03 11:59

reporter   ~0056353

See 0020809, I didn't test it but could be related



2017-12-07 10:38

reporter   ~0058349

Mr Bricodage thanks , but that case treats when it has (at least french accents) are present in password value, but my situation is with accents in realname. (LDAP username)

I believe that I have to change the UFT8 decode, in some field, unfortunately I just do not know where to make this change?

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