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0022264mantisbtattachmentspublic2017-02-07 17:26
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Product Version2.0.0 
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Summary0022264: APPLICATION ERROR 0000401 while moving issue with attachments to different project

If you try to move issue with attachments from one project to another project with different upload folder, you'll get situation where issue itself won't be moved, but physical attachments will be.

Moving issues works if both projects have default upload folder ( because in that case db_query won't be called inside file_move_bug_attachments --- if( $t_path_from == $t_path_to ) {return;} )

Steps To Reproduce

1.Use DISK upload method.

  1. Create "TEST1" project with default path
  2. Create "TEST2" project with custom upload folder
  3. Make sure custom folder is writable to mantis
  4. Report an issue to "TEST1" project.
  5. Attach at least one file to newly created issue.
  6. Open this issue and press Move button.
  7. Select project "TEST2" and confirm.
  8. You will see APPLICATION ERROR 0000401.
  9. Issue won't be moved from "TEST1" project.
  10. Open this issue and you'll see "Attachment missing" error.
  11. Go to "TEST2" upload folder and check that physical files where moved there.
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duplicate of 0021994 closeddregad issue with attachments cannot be moved between projects with different upload directories (uploads saved in file system) 




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