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Product Version1.3.0-beta.1 
Target Version1.3.0-rc.2Fixed in Version1.3.0-rc.2 
Summary0020865: 'Content Encoding Error' when errors occur before compress handler is started

If a run-time error is triggered while initializing the Core (e.g. a PHP deprecated warning, ), the browser displays a 'Content Encoding Error' instead of showing the actual error, which is confusing and makes troubleshooting more difficult than it should be.

I noticed this while testing the behavior described in 0020864 on 1.3.x branch.

Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce the error add some code that triggers a PHP notice or some other error, e.g.

$t = test;
in user_pref_api.php

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related to 0020864 closeddregad "user_pref_get_language()" not defined 
has duplicate 0020500 closedatrol Installation fails in PHP 7 environment 




2016-04-30 12:34

developer   ~0053043

Proposed solution is to detect whether there has been any output so far, and not start the compress handler in this case.

See PR

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 046e878d

2016-04-30 12:28:54


Details Diff
Do not enable compress handler if errors occured

Prevents 'Content Encoding Error', shows the actual output instead.

Fixes 0020865
mod - core/compress_api.php Diff File

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