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0020817mantisbtpreferencespublic2016-06-12 00:42
ReportercproensaAssigned Todregad 
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Product Version1.3.0-rc.1 
Target Version1.3.0-rc.2Fixed in Version1.3.0-rc.2 
Summary0020817: account update issue, when updating several user fields on same form

When user updates his main user data (account_page.php), modifying several fields, a situation mayhappen where an error is triggered due to invalid data, but still some fields were updated

For example:
Updating user realname and new password, in the same form.
If the typed password is not valid (does not match, etc), realname was still updated

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2016-04-17 15:31

developer   ~0052969

Fix included in pr:

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 777f5e81

2016-04-17 15:26:00


Committer: dregad Details Diff
Only update user data if all fields are valid

On user account update, first verify all submitted fields, and only
update the data if they are valid.

Fixes 0020817
mod - account_update.php Diff File

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