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0020679mantisbtfeaturepublic2016-06-12 00:42
Reporterbr8kwallAssigned Todregad 
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Product Version1.2.19 
Target Version1.3.0-rc.2Fixed in Version1.3.0-rc.2 
Summary0020679: Enhance the logging to show email addresses being sent to

Trying to debug email, the event log (plugin) is one of the only logs I can see.

I'm getting "[mail] ERROR: Message could not be sent - Invalid address: 1" in the event log, but I'd really like to be able to see the offending value... in this case the problematic email address I guess.

A note from @vboctor recommended that this be requested as an expansion in mantis logging, versus within the plugin itself.

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related to 0020684 closedvboctor Possible regression caused by changed $g_debug_email handling 




2016-03-10 03:51

developer   ~0052732

this is caused by setting $g_debug_email = ON;
ON is a defined constant value 1 which is treated as the email address
So the logging does what it should.

Behaviour might change in 1.3, see also 0020684



2016-03-10 04:27

developer   ~0052734

this is caused by setting $g_debug_email = ON;

I thought about this as a possible cause, but then discarded that because the original report mentioned Product Version 1.2.19.

The change in $g_debug_email handling was only introduced in 1.3.0-beta.1



2016-03-10 04:51

developer   ~0052736

The change in $g_debug_email handling was only introduced in 1.3.0-beta.1

Right, but $g_debug_email = ON does also not work in 1.2.19



2016-03-10 05:39

developer   ~0052739

Good point. Thanks.



2016-06-05 18:58

developer   ~0053269

Following resolution of 0020684, I thought it made sense to improve the logging as suggested here

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 0bb3cfb1

2016-06-05 18:49:47


Details Diff
Enhance logging to show debug email when used

Prior to this, when using an invalid address, user would not see a clear
indication in the log file that the debug email was being used,
resulting in confusion caused by the error message generated by

This commit adds a LOG_EMAIL_VERBOSE entry clearly showing when the
debug email address is used.

Fixes 0020679
mod - core/email_api.php Diff File

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