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0020386mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2016-06-12 00:43
ReportervboctorAssigned Tovboctor 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.0-rc.1 
Target Version1.3.0-rc.2Fixed in Version1.3.0-rc.2 
Summary0020386: Required on resolve/close custom fields are not enforced

For example, create a custom field of type string, add it to a project, mark it to be displayed on resolve page and mark as required on resolved. You will notice that it is possible to resolve the issue while leaving the string custom fields empty without any error messages.



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MantisBT: master 176169c7

2015-12-14 21:21:35


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Fix required on resolve/close for custom fields

If a custom field is marked as required on resolved or closed, it wasn't
enforced. It was only enforced for the regular issue update page.

Fixes 0020386
mod - bug_update.php Diff File

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