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0017363mantisbtauthenticationpublic2015-04-21 06:13
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Summary0017363: Authentication is done using http (non-ssl) and passwords appear in plaintext.

When logging in mantis, the login is done using http instead of https. Passwords appear in plaintext on the network, and can be captured by someone other than the user.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Start wireshark on the network adapter connected to the outside net.
  • Set the wireshark capture filter for
    "tcp port http and host"
  • Start the wireshark capture and log into
  • Stop the wireshark capture and locate the POST packet.
  • In the middle window, expand "Line-based text data", which shows the
    password (I've replaced the value with x's) ...
Additional Information

Btw, mantisbt is a great tool. It's the only bugtracking system I found that could be installed on a hosted server, and the installation is really simple.

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2014-05-21 18:30

reporter   ~0040614

Obviously if you hosting Mantis yourself, use HTTPS/SSL

In terms of, I completely agree - personally, I'd get a free certificate and run the whole site over SSL and be done with it these days.



2014-05-21 19:05

developer   ~0040617

Reminder sent to: vboctor


I think that's a sensible thing to do. Can you take care of obtaining a certificate ? I can set it up on the server.

I think you should do this for as well (although you can't apply for GoDaddy's open source offer for this).



2014-05-22 00:54

manager   ~0040619

I will sort out the certificate.



2014-05-22 19:14

developer   ~0040629

SSL should now be operational -

For now I have it setup with two distinct configs, to give us time to test and see if there are any issues with the site's various components (tracker, forums, wiki, blog, etc)

Once we're OK, I'll merge the 2 configs and setup an automated redirection so that any http request goes to https.



2014-05-23 02:48

developer   ~0040630

Once we're OK, I'll merge the 2 configs and setup an automated redirection so that any http request goes to https.

Not sure if it's in your plan, but HSTS would be nice, so that we don't have a redirect from http to https from clients which have already visited our site.



2014-05-23 04:26

developer   ~0040631

Shouldn't be a problem setting up HSTS, it's just an extra header to send.

I didn't notice it last night (it was late...) but https seems to cause issues with rendering the bugtracker, looks like the css is not loaded, not sure why.



2014-05-23 04:33

developer   ~0040632

Many assets are loaded using http, e.g.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />

This is the probable cause of the breakage



2014-05-23 05:00

developer   ~0040633

Yes I noticed that after posting.

So the root cause is

  1. the html_css() function forces an absolute path by calling string_sanitize_url(xxx, true), which by the way I think is a strange thing to do (it was introduced as a fix for 0010877 - will have to see if we can improve that somehow).

  2. the server's config_inc.php has an hardcoded $g_path = ''; also not sure of the reason it's defined that way and not relying on default behavior, will need to ask Victor or maybe John.

Anyway the fix is to dynamically set the protocol when initializing $g_path. Should work now.



2014-05-23 05:01

developer   ~0040634

As a side note, I wonder why Firefox just blocked the CSS and did not give any "mixed content" warning, and also Firebug just silently failed to load the file without reporting anything in the Net panel or the console.

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