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0016900mantisbtdocumentationpublic2016-06-12 02:37
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Target Version1.3.xFixed in Version 
Summary0016900: Document breaking changes from the 1.2.x stream
DescriptionThere are some minor breaking changes to which clients might have to adapt to in 1.3. We should document these in the 'Upgrading' section of the Administrator's guide.
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related to 0016849closedvboctor Drop FTP support 
related to 0016898closeddregad Dropping deprecated database API function db_query() 
related to 0012245closeddhx Remove extended project browser feature 
related to 0011732closeddhx Remove built-in source code integration support 

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2015-12-06 02:55 vboctor Target Version 1.3.0-rc.1 => 1.3.0-rc.2
2016-06-12 02:37 atrol Target Version 1.3.0-rc.2 => 1.3.x
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