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2016-10-24 14:17 EDT

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0015667mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2013-04-17 17:42
Assigned Toatrol 
Product Version1.2.14 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0015667: Filter bad work with a blank cell in custom field
DescriptionIn custom field when select a blank cell and then filtering, result will be wrong. In table will be show 5 issues, but in real their is 9.

All other options in filter make show all.
Steps To ReproduceMake some custom field |1|2|3

Make some issues with this custom field with selected one from any choose cell (some issues need with a blank cell in cutom field)

Filtering issues by a blank cell of custom field.
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duplicate of 0004864new Unable to filter on empty custom field value 



vovella (reporter)

By the way, if select a blank cell and filtering, fied will be show that selected "any", but need show a blank cell.


atrol (developer)

Please attach also screenshots with English language settings.


vovella (reporter)



vovella (reporter)

Can't access this patch;h=refs/heads/mantisbt-issue11476 [^]


atrol (developer)

I asked at our developer mailing list to activate


vovella (reporter)

Okay. I'll waiting...


vovella (reporter)

I can't access to path. Problem is not resolved! :(


atrol (developer)

Sorry, there is nothing I can do for you at this place.
Therefore I will set this issue to resolved again.
I added you to the monitoring list of the duplicate issue.

You can try also other support channels
Try to speak to user paulr at IRC (AFAIK is his private server) and/or write to the mantisbt-help mailing list

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