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0015411mantisbtperformancepublic2014-09-23 18:05
Assigned Todregad 
Product Version1.2.13 
Target Version1.2.14Fixed in Version1.2.14 
Summary0015411: Huge memory consumption for print_user_option_list()
DescriptionFollowing the implementation of the fix for 0010130, calling this function when the current project is ALL_PROJECTS causes a massive surge in memory usage, due to repeated calls to array_merge() as the code builds a very large array containing the list of all users in all projects accessible to the current user, and then reduces it to remove duplicates.

The code must be optimized to reduce memory consumption.
Additional InformationWith about 21'000 records in the user table, the memory footprint of calling this function for all projects is as follows:

- in 1.2.12: ~150M
- in 1.2.13: ~650M (!)
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related to 0010130closeddregad Filter "Assigned to" does not display usernames when project "All Projects" is selected 
related to 0015721closedgrangeway Functionality to consider porting to master-2.0.x 
has duplicate 0015347closeddregad Bad performance and memory issue with print_user_option_list 
related to 0012677acknowledged Please change a search option to manage users 
related to 0017490closeddregad Click Manage Configuration produces blank page 



dregad (developer)

With the attached commit, memory usage is reduced to approx 180M.

I don't see how it can be further reduced. As mentioned on the mailing list [1], I believe that in the future we should refactor the way we deal with user
selection lists, maybe by switching to an ajax-based user entry text field
with autocomplete, along the lines of what was proposed by Daryn in 0012677.

[1] http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.bug-tracking.mantis.devel/4230/focus=4245


grangeway (reporter)

Marking as 'acknowledged' not resolved/closed to track that change gets ported to master-2.0.x branch

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