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0012948mantisbtauthenticationpublic2011-04-19 05:092011-08-05 02:45
Assigned Todregad 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.2.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0012948: LDAP autocreation does not update DB
DescriptionWhen using LDAP for authentication, the DB is updated with LDAP data at each connection of the user. As indicated in the comments:
“This will allow us to use the local data after login without having to go back to LDAP. This will also allow fallback to DB if LDAP is down.”

But when connecting to Mantis for the first time, if the user has no account, this account will be automatically created, but does not use the LDAP data to fill the DB. In most case, this is not a big problem, because LDAP will be queried if a field is needed, but in some cases, data are only taken from the database (list existing users, for example).
Steps To Reproduce1. Set Mantis to authenticate through LDAP, using real name and e-mail from LDAP.
2. As a user with no Mantis account, connect to Mantis using your LDAP credits.
3. As administrator, look at the Mantis account. The last created account has no realname nor e-mail in the name list. It will even be impossible to warn him that he should connect again.
Attached Filespatch file icon ldapcreate_1.2.patch [^] (3,283 bytes) 2011-04-19 05:17 [Show Content]

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User avatar (0028655)
sveyret (reporter)
2011-04-19 05:18

Gave a patch to correct this built against branch 1.2.
User avatar (0029126)
dregad (developer)
2011-07-07 11:18

It would be nice if this were included in 1.2.6.
User avatar (0029167)
dregad (developer)
2011-07-14 05:59

Hi Stéphane,

Before applying your patch, I tried to reproduce the problem but was unable to.

I made a fresh install of 1.2.5, setup config_inc as follows

$g_login_method = LDAP;
$g_use_ldap_email = ON;
$g_use_ldap_realname = ON;

Before starting, I check the database before login with test user, to confirm it does not exist:

mysql> select id, username, realname, email, date_created from mantis_user_table where username = 'test';
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Then I login, and I verify the table again:
mysql> select id, username, realname, email, date_created from mantis_user_table where username = 'test';
| id | username | realname | email | date_created |
| 19 | test | Test User | | 1310636385 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Of course checking with admin account within Mantis (manage_user_page.php) does show the user details (as expected).

I must say I was surprised by this, because as I remember experiencing the same issue before. Can you please confirm that the problem is reproducible on your side, and if yes give me more details ?

User avatar (0029183)
sveyret (reporter)
2011-07-18 03:35

Hi Damien,

I'm pretty sure I had this problem when I first made tests with LDAP. But I've just checked and I made a mistake in this bug report, because I was using version 1.2.3 at that time. I have now installed my patch in all my environments, and so am not able to test it anymore. But if ever I have time to do the test again, I will warn you.

User avatar (0029185)
dregad (developer)
2011-07-18 05:25

Hi Stéphane,

I just did a fresh install of 1.2.3, but still I'm not able to reproduce the behavior you describe; I get the exact same results I described previously.

I will mark this issue as resolved for now, feel free to reopen if you manage to reproduce the issue in future tests.


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