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0010816mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2009-10-07 14:19
Assigned Todhx 
Product Versiongit trunk 
Target Version1.2.0rc2Fixed in Version1.2.0rc2 
Summary0010816: Projection column shows integer value instead of string
DescriptionWhen you enable the projection column through account_manage_columns_page, the view issues list only shows the integer value of the projection field rather than the string/text value.
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has duplicate 0010891closeddhx view_all_bug_page.php : Projection column does not correctly display language strings 

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2009-08-07 23:58 dhx New Issue
2009-08-08 00:00 dhx Issue cloned: 0010817
2009-08-08 00:07 dhx Status assigned => resolved
2009-08-08 00:07 dhx Fixed in Version => 1.2.2
2009-08-08 00:07 dhx Resolution open => fixed
2009-08-08 00:10 dhx Changeset attached master-1.2.x 5d715a48 =>
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2009-10-07 14:19 jreese Status resolved => closed
2009-11-23 21:20 dhx Relationship added has duplicate 0010891
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