Released 2016-10-02
0021730: [documentation] config_default_inc.php refers to 1.2.x rather than 1.3.x (vboctor)
0008358: [email] Indicate whether notes are private or public in email notifications (vboctor)
0010242: [feature] Copy Versions From / To should (optionally) update existing versions (dregad)
0019284: [csv] Export of the "bugnotes_count" column doesn't work (cproensa)
0021157: [bugtracker] Redirect loop when default project is disabled (community)
0021262: [security] Invalid Strict-Transport-Security header when server would already send it anyway (dregad)
0021280: [ui] Text boxes overlap on screens with high resolution (dregad)
0021652: [timeline] "closed issue" events are no longer shown in timeline (cproensa)
0021655: [customization] Workflow config page can corrupt set_status_threshold with array thresholds (cproensa)
0021656: [customization] set_status_threshold config is not deleted if is same as parent (cproensa)
0021659: [code cleanup] Syntax error in browser_search_plugin.php (community)
0021679: [tagging] Tagging UI visible without having rights to attach tags (atrol)
0021680: [email] Missing seperator in email notification for @ mentions (atrol)
0021707: [plug-ins] plugin_get() fails to use the default argument (community)
0017325: [code cleanup] helper_array_transpose should always return an array (dregad)
0021573: [upgrade] Error update from 1.2.19 to 1.3.0 / step 194 (vboctor)
0021696: [tools] Allow PHPUnit to capture Mantis-specific errors (dregad)
0021711: [bugtracker] Duplicate id field should show up when closing an issue (vboctor)
0021725: [code cleanup] cleanup description of db_now() (community)
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