Released 2016-08-27
0021203: [bugtracker] option auto_set_status_to_assigned can change status even if not allowed by workflow (cproensa)
0020424: [csv] Export to CSV and Excel fails with large issue count (cproensa)
0011964: [integration] Configuration of Browser Search Plugin (dregad)
0021581: [customization] Workflow config page can corrupt report_bug_threshold if it's defined as an array (cproensa)
0021263: [security] CVE-2016-7111: Content Security Policy is weakened by Gravatar plugin (vboctor)
0008464: [bugtracker] $g_auto_set_status_to_assigned = ON does not always check for old status (cproensa)
0012742: [documentation] Event & Plugin documentation is bad & outdated (cproensa)
0006939: [bugtracker] Number of Private notes visible for reporters (cproensa)
0012409: [roadmap] "Scheduled For Release" even if no date is set (cproensa)
0020121: [bugtracker] bug_cache_database_result does not update bugnote statistics (cproensa)
0020535: [plug-ins] EVENT_BUG_VIEW_ATTACHMENT prints an extra "Array" before the plugin output. (cproensa)
0020551: [code cleanup] Why does user_cache_database_result() return cache value? (atrol)
0020682: [bugtracker] Workflow transitions not consistent with bug action "change status to" (cproensa)
0021072: [timeline] Timeline only show issues from current project (cproensa)
0021146: [other] Can't retrieve history of a bug with history_get_events_array($bug_id) (cproensa)
0021178: [custom fields] Report can be submit enven when checked "Required On Report" and "Type" is Textarea (cproensa)
0021293: [email] Send notifications by smtp does not work correctly, and the analysis of why it happend. (atrol)
0021372: [api soap] Unable to report issues using the SOAP API - Data truncated for column 'last_updated' (rombert)
0021375: [bugtracker] Status @30@ is not editable when editing issue (vboctor)
0021407: [customization] Event EVENT_MENU_ISSUE prints empty brackets even if no value is returned (cproensa)
0021410: [ui] text looks OK in edit of note but renders badly (dregad)
0021415: [bugtracker] update documentation for option auto_set_status_to_assigned (cproensa)
0021577: [mentions] Wrong language in subject of @ mention email notification (atrol)
0021579: [bugtracker] Error when limit_reporters and complex report_bug_threshold (cproensa)
0021580: [change log] in changelog, reporter user can view all bugs when limit_reporters is on (cproensa)
0021582: [customization] Workflow config page, access denied even if user has proper access levels (cproensa)
0021583: [html] manage_config_workflow_page, fields are not properly displayed for thresholds table rows (cproensa)
0021601: [administration] The Admin Checks and Install pages should use the same font as the rest of Mantis (dregad)
0021610: [bugtracker] Revert to multiple form security tokens per page (cproensa)
0021611: [security] CVE-2016-6837: XSS vulnerability in view_all_bug_page.php (dregad)
0021304: [administration] Don't prune system accounts (vboctor)
0021649: [code cleanup] Remove incorrectly placed db_param_push() (cproensa)
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