Released 2016-07-09
MantisBT 1.3.0 stable release
0021101: [bugtracker] Issues with emoji's are truncated before getting saved (dregad)
0020499: [feature] Compatibility with PHP 7 (dregad)
0021083: [mentions] Link to user page is not always displayed when using @ mentioning (dregad)
0021124: [administration] Creating/setting config options using adm_config_report.php is partially broken (dregad)
0021165: [ui] Using database configuration to enable gravatars does not work (vboctor)
0021136: [administration] Editing config option containing newline corrupts them by inserting
tags (dregad)
0021171: [ui] Change look & feel of links, borders and label background (atrol)
0021194: [administration] Partially hardcoded path for CSS-file (dregad)
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