Released 2016-06-11
This second and last 1.3.x release candidate has 127 bug fixes and improvements. See blog post for more details -
0020772: [administration] Allow administrators to impersonate users (vboctor)
0009096: [tagging] Adding "tags" to $g_view_issues_page_columns does not work (vboctor)
0020783: [time tracking] Add category field to time tracking csv/Excel exports (community)
0020058: [customization] Updating config items in configuration report adds new ones (cproensa)
0009450: [tagging] Tagging possibility directly from "Report Issue" screen (vboctor)
0021057: [bugtracker] Update securimage to 3.6.4 (dregad)
0013048: [bugtracker] Login display in small part of the View issue page (cproensa)
0020372: [html] Inline error reports should not mess up non-HTML output (dregad)
0006009: [security] Cannot change password in second enter to verification page (cproensa)
0020686: [authentication] Make sure new users complete the registration process (cproensa)
0020547: [attachments] Attachments can't be uploaded after upgrade from 1.2 with MySQL in STRICT_ALL_TABLES sql_mode (dregad)
0020479: [db postgresql] Error 401 db_query bind params starts with $2 (dregad)
0020142: [performance] performance loading bug view with many attachments (community)
0020837: [mentions] Support @ mentions (vboctor)
0020787: [administration] Setting of arrays (complex type) in Configuration Page doesn't work (dregad)
       0020812: [administration] Setting of nested arrays in Configuration Page doesn't work (dregad)
       0020813: [administration] Setting Configuration Page of arrays with strings containing escaped quotes does not work (dregad)
       0020851: [administration] Configuration page parsing associative keys incorrectly (dregad)
       0020850: [administration] Configuration page parsing complex trims quotes incorrectly (dregad)
0020348: [sub-projects] Provide an option to disable sub-projects (vboctor)
0020352: [ui] bug_report_page.php is broken when 'attachments' field is hidden (dregad)
0020354: [code cleanup] Remove useless 'do_nothing' upgrade function (dregad)
0020355: [localization] Administrator e-mail has some HTML problem in the italian translation (dregad)
0020381: [administration] Administrator can disable their own account (vboctor)
0020382: [authorization] user_is_administrator() should not return true for disabled admins (vboctor)
0020383: [csv] Support notes as a column in View Issues, Print Issues, CSV and Excel (vboctor)
0020386: [custom fields] Required on resolve/close custom fields are not enforced (vboctor)
0020414: [preferences] Severities are missing from email preferences (dregad)
0020076: [bugtracker] auto_set_status_to_assigned is different in 1.3 (cproensa)
0020107: [administration] config report filter by option name doesnt work for some options (cproensa)
0020139: [performance] reduce print_subproject_option_list sql query count (cproensa)
0020357: [db schema] Admin checks for UTF-8 collation fail (dregad)
0020365: [db mysql] SYSTEM NOTICE: Undefined index with mysqli driver (dregad)
       0020467: [db mysql] Update ADOdb to 5.20.2 (dregad)
0020395: [ui] Edit Account window does not have required fields marked with red asterisk (dregad)
0020426: [administration] Admin checks detect 'utf8mb4' collation as non-UTF8 (dregad)
0020427: [administration] Admin checks should validate MySQL database default collation (dregad)
0020443: [installation] New 'api_token' table does not have standard options (dregad)
0020466: [administration] Admin Integrity checks are not operational (dregad)
0020470: [tools] TravisCI docbook broken (dregad)
0020471: [tools] Travis builds should always build docbook (dregad)
0020476: [code cleanup] gpc_get_int_array does not work for associative arrays (cproensa)
0020480: [code cleanup] Plugin filter fields throw warnings while rendering filter section (cproensa)
0020481: [filters] Plugin filter fields dont use dynamic filter expansion (cproensa)
0020523: [time tracking] Time tracking doesn't show project name in case of all project reports (vboctor)
0007932: [time tracking] Implement CSV and Excel export for billing report (vboctor)
0020256: [bugtracker] Don't show reopen button if status change is not allowed by workflow (cproensa)
0020258: [performance] Cache user data for my_view_page (cproensa)
0020371: [email] Email notifications are not sent to explicit users when notify flags are overridden in DB (vboctor)
0008779: [plug-ins] Need User life-cycle Events for plug-ins (vboctor)
0011279: [db postgresql] With PostgreSQL filtering for a date custom field yields to an error (dregad)
0011316: [feature] Allow to add mutliple user to monitor list (dregad)
0020075: [bugtracker] Error 1105 while changing bug status from bug_change_status_page.php (dregad)
0020141: [security] bugnote actions in view bug page should send data as POST (cproensa)
0020277: [security] CVE-2014-9759: SOAP API can be used to disclose confidential settings (atrol)
0020242: [performance] performance in manage project page with large user count (cproensa)
0020358: [localization] Admin language tests throw strange warnings (atrol)
0020403: [email] Email notifications are hard to troubleshoot (vboctor)
0020408: [bugtracker] show caller trace in file log (cproensa)
0020478: [code cleanup] bug_update.php: do not use strict type checking unless necessary (dregad)
0020531: [localization] Russian translation bulk update (dregad)
0020554: [bugtracker] Inline errors should provide detailed info about where they occured (dregad)
0020553: [installation] Fatal error in admin/index.php (dregad)
0020574: [code cleanup] user_set_fields() throws an error when called with an empty fields list (dregad)
0020600: [bugtracker] steps to reproduce / additional info view checks are inconsistent in view / print issue pages (vboctor)
0020643: [plug-ins] Plugin API should throw error when trying to register invalid or non-existent class (dregad)
0020644: [installation] Installer should only generate a message when processing SQL steps (dregad)
0020655: [time tracking] Time tracking date range is not defaulted correct on view issue page (vboctor)
0016834: [db oracle] Can't remove category because of CLOB in the query (dregad)
0017816: [ui] Manage - Manage Tags form is missing the 1 pixel horizontal separator (cproensa)
0019929: [bugtracker] Support 'due date' in group actions (community)
0020103: [custom fields] display custom field values overflows container (cproensa)
0020198: [administration] Deleting category should be blocked if category has issues associated with it (community)
0020641: [ui] When $g_show_avatar = OFF, no avatar should be displayed (vboctor)
0020646: [javascript] Failure to load scripts from "javascript" folder (community)
0020659: [time tracking] CSV export for time tracking doesn't handle unicode characters (vboctor)
0020710: [authorization] CSV/Excel export of due date doesn't check access level (community)
0020711: [bugtracker] Support default due date for submitted issues (community)
0020712: [csv] CSV/Excel export shouldn't output unset due dates as a date (community)
0020724: [tagging] Tags with description are handled incorrectly (vboctor)
0020725: [performance] Cannot delete attachment - says security token is bad (community)
0020749: [tagging] Show tag description when hovering over tag name in drop down (vboctor)
0020761: [code cleanup] Add new API functions to check+ensure that a category can be deleted (dregad)
0009093: [email] Add a configuration option to enforce email uniqueness (vboctor)
0013788: [plug-ins] Add EVENT_USER_DISPLAY_AVATAR to enable plugins to use LDAP and Social Networks (vboctor)
0020543: [authentication] Login using username or email address (vboctor)
0020642: [administration] Avatar settings should be moved to plugin config page (vboctor)
0020784: [signup] Signup item appears in lost_pwd_page when allow_signup is set OFF (community)
0020818: [upgrade] Upgrade unattended script fails (vboctor)
0016931: [code cleanup] PHPUnit tests for admin config functions (dregad)
       0016932: [code cleanup] Move functions defined in adm_config_set.php to a core API (dregad)
0018016: [performance] Decreasing performance when loading bug view with many notes (cproensa)
0020306: [printing] Print issue page shows issue history before notes (vboctor)
0020483: [db postgresql] Error 401 with PostgreSQL manage_user_page (cproensa)
0020694: [customization] Add configuration for auto-generated www link target (dregad)
0020806: [email] Email doesn't include 'Due Date' when enabled and is set (vboctor)
0020816: [authentication] user verification / password reset allows setting of empty password (dregad)
0020817: [preferences] account update issue, when updating several user fields on same form (dregad)
0020854: [performance] Plugin columns are always called to cache, even if not visible. (cproensa)
0020857: [email] Add tags to email notifications when set (vboctor)
0020865: [bugtracker] 'Content Encoding Error' when errors occur before compress handler is started (dregad)
0020867: [administration] Edit Category Page fails when default user is deleted (vboctor)
0020876: [email] Email notifications for category owners (community)
0020894: [db postgresql] APPLICATION ERROR 401 @ user_edit_page when changing Accesslevel (dregad)
0020909: [ui] Do not add a space before version suffix (dregad)
0020910: [tools] Improve TravisCi builds performance (dregad)
0006282: [documentation] $g_max_file_size detailed twice in manual for some reason - is something missing? (atrol)
0011827: [documentation] Documentation states PHP 5.2.0 as sufficent but used ezComponents needs 5.2.1 (atrol)
0020465: [db schema] Reduce size of username and email fields to allow utf8mb4 charset (dregad)
0020472: [installation] New 'api_token' table columns are not defined in standard way (dregad)
0020660: [csv] CSV export for issues from View Issues page doesn't handle unicode characters (vboctor)
0020679: [feature] Enhance the logging to show email addresses being sent to (dregad)
0020684: [email] Possible regression caused by changed $g_debug_email handling (vboctor)
0020727: [timeline] Error 1100 (issue not found) in my_view_page (dregad)
0020866: [filters] Plugin Filters: Data Type mismatch. (cproensa)
0020880: [documentation] Improve documentation: Admin Guide > Configuration (dregad)
0020897: [email] User's access level in bugnotes displayed as '@0@' in email notifications (atrol)
0020943: [bugtracker] Account menu missing from API tokens manage page (cproensa)
0020964: [custom fields] custom field Checkbox type, label can be separated from check input (cproensa)
0021030: [sponsorships] Error 1704 assigning a sponsored after sponsorship has been turned off (dregad)
0021055: [bugtracker] Update ADOdb to 5.20.4 (dregad)
0021056: [bugtracker] Update PHPMsailer to 5.2.15 (dregad)
0021058: [bugtracker] Update disposable email checker to 2.1.1 (dregad)
0021059: [bugtracker] Update jQuery to v1.12.4 (dregad)
0021082: [documentation] Update ERD diagram to reflect recent changes (dregad)
0021087: [documentation] Document replacement of $g_page_title config by $g_top_include_page (dregad)
0021090: [security] CVE-2016-5364: Reflected XSS inside manage_custom_field_edit_page.php (dregad)
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