First beta version for 1.3.0 release.
0017752: [bugtracker] Auto-refresh shouldn't update last visited (vboctor)
0010059: [relationships] Default resolution to "duplicate" if "duplicate_of" relationship exists (dhx)
0017360: [plug-ins] Prevent loading of jQuery related plugins (dregad)
0016477: [security] Redirect user to change password if logged in with default admin password (vboctor)
0006626: [custom fields] Support "Memo" custom field type (daryn)
0017837: [bugtracker] Add new 'DEPRECATED' error type (dregad)
0012881: [security] Add support for Strict-Transport-Security header (dhx)
0011600: [html] Bugnote direct links include mismatched parenthesis (dhx)
0015653: [bugtracker] APPLICATION ERROR 1303 when trying to reopen an issue (dregad)
0011898: [html] Hyperlink issue summaries on my_view_page (dhx)
0021086: [customization] Replacement of $g_page_title config by $g_top_include_page (dregad)
0016471: [html] Use CSS to set alternating colors in HTML tables (grangeway)
0008017: [administration] Increase the size of the username field (dregad)
0016917: [customization] Manage Configuration Complex Type fails when array is terminated with a semi-color (vboctor)
0012245: [javascript] Remove extended project browser feature (dhx)
0016565: [authentication] Implement new captcha library (grangeway)
       0008129: [signup] Alternative to captchas (grangeway)
       0008462: [feature] Captcha will benefit supporting other than jpeg format (grangeway)
       0008796: [other] The letters in the catchpa on account creation page are too small (grangeway)
       0010028: [security] Registrations by bots via captcha exploit (grangeway)
       0010972: [signup] openbase_dir breaks captcha generation (grangeway)
       0010976: [bugtracker] Remove instances of pass-by-reference (deprecated in PHP 5.3.0) (dregad)
0014679: [security] Support Content-Security-Policy (CSP) per W3C specification (dregad)
0017186: [mobile] Remove $g_mantistouch_url in favor of MantisTouchRedirect plugin (vboctor)
0016871: [email] Email notifications are sent with extra blank lines (vboctor)
0017246: [custom fields] Date custom fields can't store dates pre-1970 (vboctor)
0017832: [ui] Send Reminders page layout is not right (syncguru)
0017277: [email] Allow use of wildcards when limiting email domain names (grangeway)
0017382: [security] install.php: do not send the value of crypto_master_salt over http (grangeway)
0017441: [other] PHP Notice generated by logging api (dregad)
0017384: [localization] Remove unused twitter language strings (dregad)
0013713: [bugtracker] Upgrade ADOdb library to latest version (dregad)
       0013438: [db oracle] adodb: Fatal error: Call to a member function FetchRow() on a non-object (dregad)
             0013433: [db oracle] Error ORA-00904: "PROTECTED": invalid identifier for the query (dregad)
             0007644: [db oracle] Problems when creating the Mantis database schema on Oracle (dregad)
       0012837: [db postgresql] Download Attachment doesn't work; Get some header information or Jabber (dregad)
       0012150: [db oracle] Mantis 1.2.1 Install Error using Oracle db (dregad)
0013227: [db oracle] Oracle DB support multiple issues (dregad)
       0007644: [db oracle] Problems when creating the Mantis database schema on Oracle (dregad)
       0010996: [db oracle] Cant use Mantis with oracle9 - var binding fails (dregad)
       0006853: [db oracle] Instalation in oracle Database ... (dregad)
       0011014: [db oracle] Database creation SQL scripts may be more handy (dregad)
       0011265: [db oracle] Array results from Oracle have uppercase keys (dregad)
       0011270: [db oracle] db_insert_id is wrong for Oracle (dregad)
       0012151: [db oracle] Oracle database_api.php fatal error on install (dregad)
       0012478: [db oracle] Installation with Oracle fails (dregad)
       0016351: [db oracle] DB creation failed with ORA-01031 (dregad)
       0011276: [db oracle] db_param sometimes creating duplicate (dregad)
       0012152: [db oracle] Indexes already created (dregad)
       0010437: [change log] APPLICATION WARNING #403: Database field "description" not found. (dregad)
       0006895: [db oracle] install mantis with oracle (driver oci8) (dregad)
       0007185: [db oracle] Empty string incompatibility mysql/oracle (dregad)
       0007246: [db oracle] Not possible to use singup functionality (dregad)
       0007935: [db oracle] Problem with install / connexion / filtre (dregad)
       0008686: [db oracle] Pb on : "Attempting to connect to database as admin" (dregad)
       0012267: [db oracle] Custom Field Title and Value render as '@', $t_custom_field, '@'; in Oracle (dregad)
       0016330: [db oracle] html_status_percentage_legend() causes error ORA-00923 (dregad)
       0016331: [db oracle] Attaching file causes ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into BLOB column (dregad)
       0016336: [db oracle] File attachment to DB fails when file bigger than 4000 bytes on Oracle (dregad)
       0007126: [db oracle] For the execution of Mantis in Oracle 8i, 9i (dregad)
       0015426: [db oracle] GetRowAssoc fails with Oracle DB (dregad)
       0010490: [db oracle] Some queries don't work due to the use of "AS" in table alias
0010747: [time tracking] User summary enhancement for billing page
0017783: [plug-ins] New Event: EVENT_MANAGE_PROJECT_DELETE (vboctor)
0017397: [timeline] Add timeline to My View page (vboctor)
0017913: [timeline] Hyperlinks in Timeline are not working (dregad)
0017971: [ui] anchor tags don't closed (dregad)
0011290: [feature] Create Clone access to reporters (dregad)
0016444: [api soap] Remove nusoap in favor of native php soap extension (vboctor)
0017012: [installation] Quotes not escaped on install (dregad)
0015678: [filters] Bad performance when filtering and using match type "Any Condition" (dregad)
0016411: [administration] On workflow thresholds page, changes in 'who can alter' are not color-highlighted (dregad)
0016412: [administration] 'delete specific settings' button should only be displayed when there are changes to delete (dregad)
0016462: [bugtracker] Priority column header is always displayed as "P" (dregad)
0016463: [bugtracker] Sort order defaults to descending (dregad)
0012632: [signup] Signup with empty username and e-mail is possible when display_errors[E_USER_ERROR] = 'inline' (dregad)
0016025: [html] Change pages' doctype to HTML5 (dregad)
0016026: [feature] Use the 'Default project' when reporting a new bug (dregad)
0016059: [bugtracker] System should warn users when debug settings are enabled (dregad)
0016061: [administration] Enable bitwise operations to set log levels (dregad)
0016062: [code cleanup] Defining new constants to replace hardcoded strings (dregad)
0009701: [installation] Install/upgrade shouldn't need admin user when DB already exists (dregad)
0015205: [installation] Installer should ask admin for the default timezone to use (dregad)
0016468: [html] Box "assigned" will not be shown if empty (dregad)
0016029: [preferences] Impossible to copy columns to/from a subproject when parent is selected (dregad)
0016357: [installation] install.php: Retry overwrites database password (dregad)
0007632: [installation] Create operational database user at time of installation (dregad)
0007635: [installation] Install script can't get MySQL version if database user doesn't exist or doesn't have access privileges (dregad)
0013937: [filters] Versions and Categories from existing filter not preselected when editing it (dregad)
0016568: [html] Remove vendor specific CSS for rounded corners (atrol)
0016810: [customization] $s_os in custom_strings_inc.php partially ignored (atrol)
0007737: [filters] Changed(hrs) filter (dregad)
0010912: [installation] Move code from admin/install.php to a new API file within core (and make plugins also use this API) (dhx)
0016554: [bugtracker] Project privacy change from public to to private kicks manager out (dregad)
0016584: [filters] Error when query bug by custom-field (date) in postgresql (dregad)
0016849: [attachments] Drop FTP support (vboctor)
0016891: [email] Update DisposableEmailChecker to v2 and change to submodule (vboctor)
0016941: [db mysql] Change default db type from mysql to mysqli (dregad)
0016970: [localization] Hardcoded file size unit 'k' (dregad)
0016951: [localization] String 'Due date was' is hardcoded into core files (dregad)
0016969: [administration] Missing check for db_table_plugin_prefix in admin checks (dregad)
0017117: [localization] Plugin description translation not displayed (dregad)
0007179: [db oracle] limit selection required for oracle (probleme viewed at the page my_view_page.php) (dregad)
0007190: [db oracle] error in filter_api with date filter (dregad)
0009314: [db mssql] ADODB GetRowAssoc does not work (dregad)
0011549: [installation] PHP include_path change restriction (dregad)
0015427: [db mssql] Deploy mantis with MSSQL and UTF8 (dregad)
0016446: [api soap] Merge MantisConnect configs into MantisBT standard configs (vboctor)
0016850: [customization] Add config folder for customization files (vboctor)
0017176: [html] Add the possibility to define the x-ua-compatible meta (dregad)
0017184: [api soap] Anonymous authentication to soap api (vboctor)
0017185: [api soap] Read-only access via soap api should be available to VIEWER level (vboctor)
0017233: [api soap] Fix the license in the SOAP API file headers (vboctor)
0010488: [db oracle] Inserting strings > 4000 Bytes not working -> direct file upload and email (dregad)
0012248: [db postgresql] Problem updating from 1.1.8 to 1.2.0 (dregad)
0015699: [db postgresql] Upgrade 1.2.10 to 1.2.14 Issues (dregad)
0016392: [db postgresql] Bool columns in pgsql system created before MantisBT 1.1.0 have smallint type in DB (dregad)
0014538: [security] plugins directory must be secured/fixed. (grangeway)
0017377: [code cleanup] Reduce unneeded global Variables: g_libraries_included (grangeway)
0017370: [bugtracker] Roadmap+Changelog display "0" instead of project name in error message (dregad)
0017378: [code cleanup] Reduce unneeded global Variables: g_api_included (grangeway)
0017381: [security] Provide additional random number generators (grangeway)
0017385: [administration] Removal of copy_fields utility (grangeway)
0015589: [db postgresql] Upgrade fails with postgresql (dregad)
0016878: [db mssql] Install triggers varchar to datetime conversion error on sql server 2008 (dregad)
0016975: [localization] Invalid enumeration string value displayed if localized value does not exist (dregad)
0017376: [performance] Perf: use sprintf over utf8_str_pad (dregad)
0017359: [plug-ins] Errors when loading a plugin's page when its dependencies are not met (dregad)
0017366: [plug-ins] Remove direct access to global variable in plugin.php (dregad)
0017368: [plug-ins] Provide plugin's basename in error messages (dregad)
0017380: [security] IIS: add web.config to deny access to config/ (grangeway)
0017411: [change log] Empty change log is confusing (vboctor)
0017412: [roadmap] Empty roadmap is confusing (vboctor)
0017520: [filters] "Project not found" error after deleting project (dregad)
0005466: [bugtracker] Changes are overwritten (dregad)
0002814: [feature] Prefix CSS class names (daryn)
0005037: [relationships] No more rel. graphs with PHP 4.3.10 and Win2K (grangeway)
0017501: [administration] Default $g_display_errors setting should reflect what an admin would want to use (dregad)
0005147: [filters] Suppress product version in filters too (daryn)
0006178: [reports] relationship graph is empty (grangeway)
0006447: [filters] The filter table columns shouldn't be used to divide the "Search/Filters" row at the bottom of the table. (daryn)
0006497: [filters] Setting view_filters to ADVANCED_ONLY or SIMPLE_ONLY only takes into effect after changing a filter (daryn)
0006620: [reports] Relationgraph is not displayed (grangeway)
0006700: [filters] Inconsistent behavior on filter select box (daryn)
0008207: [sql] mantis_project_hierarchy_table allows duplicate rows (grangeway)
0008250: [administration] Create Project - Show upload path defined in absolute_path_default_upload_folder (dhx)
0008276: [customization] When set a filter to a value different than the default, the color could be changed (atrol)
0009828: [bugtracker] Reopen issue access check is wrong (dhx)
0010226: [email] No email on 'update->assign' (dhx)
0010884: [customization] Make 'edit', 'delete', and 'make private' buttons on bugnotes independently configurable (dhx)
0010914: [code cleanup] Make db_get_table behave like plugin_table (dhx)
0011291: [attachments] Add support for Lighttpd's X-Sendfile method for sending attachments stored locally (dhx)
0011320: [administration] Provide a way to disable the raw configuration management (vboctor)
0011396: [feature] difference between closed and resolved (dhx)
0011404: [bugtracker] Record dropping of bug revisions in bug history (dhx)
0011405: [bugtracker] Add link to bugnote revisions under "Updated on" line (for bugnotes that have at least 1 edit) (dhx)
0011494: [bugtracker] Don't allow *_inc.php files to be called directly (dhx)
0011495: [bugtracker] Cannot move core, library and language directories out of wwwroot (dhx)
0011552: [bugtracker] No errors shown when actiongroup tag attaching fails (dhx)
0011554: [bugtracker] Status legend should react to current filter settings (dhx)
0011576: [administration] New and improved check.php for checking MantisBT installation settings/environment (dhx)
0011728: [attachments] Attachments error when downloading or viewing (dhx)
0011732: [integration] Remove built-in source code integration support (dhx)
0011738: [authentication] $g_session_key parameter is not working (dhx)
0011758: [feature] Adding a bug note should not change the status of the issue (dhx)
0011804: [security] allow_reporter_reopen lets reporter make any update, not just reopen (dhx)
0011893: [html] Patch: XHTML validity, semantics and styleability improvements (dhx)
0011896: [html] Remove [^] "open in new window" suffix from links (dhx)
0011897: [html] Refactor footer of pages using XHTML/CSS and allow user-specified copyright notice (dhx)
0011908: [html] CSS class names on View Issues page (patch) (dhx)
0011967: [plug-ins] Problems with EVENT_UPDATE_BUG (dhx)
0011995: [html] Add CSS IDs to html elements for styling and javascript access. (daryn)
0012085: [bugtracker] Deprecate $g_allow_close_immediately (dhx)
0012094: [bugtracker] ERROR_BUG_READ_ONLY_ACTION_DENIED is not obsolete but ERROR_BUG_RESOLVED_ACTION_DENIED is (dhx)
0012095: [bugtracker] bug_monitor_copy() should check users exist (dhx)
0012096: [feature] On marking an issue as a duplicate add the reporter and handler to the monitor list of the destination bug (dhx)
0012205: [bugtracker] Do not leave feedback status when the handler adds a note (dhx)
0012327: [filters] Enhance plugin filters to allow developers to specify the number of columns to use in the bug filter. (daryn)
0012509: [code cleanup] replacement for file_get_extension (dhx)
0012571: [db mssql] Some configuration options cannot be saved to MS SQL Server (fix attached) (grangeway)
0012696: [documentation] Typo error on the admin config fields page in documentation (dhx)
0012852: [customization] Customization per project are not handled correctly on my view page. (daryn)
0013236: [plug-ins] add event to print attachment (dregad)
0002609: [email] Support multiple valid e-mail domains. (grangeway)
0005245: [administration] Account profile contains Version, while report issue contains product build and OS Version (grangeway)
0007118: [bugtracker] Report Issue: attaching an oversized file raises wrong error message in bug_report.php/gpc_get (gpc_api.php) (grangeway)
0011802: [bugtracker] Update Product Version of multiple bugs (dregad)
0012620: [plug-ins] Plug-ins included through function (dhx)
0014112: [bugtracker] maximum execution time when uploading (grangeway)
0006444: [feature] "Add and edit category" button (dregad)
0012013: [plug-ins] Improvements for plugin ImportExportXml (and required core changes) (dregad)
0012541: [api soap] mc_issue_note_add function not honoring reporter data (vboctor)
0015869: [api soap] API call mc_login with valid LDAP user which is not in mantis DB -> result: login failed (vboctor)
0016610: [documentation] Suggestion for Admin Guide: Vars' default values on new line (dregad)
0017410: [time tracking] Time tracking information is not included in issue print page (vboctor)
0017455: [authentication] BASIC_AUTH does not work for SOAP requests (vboctor)
0017533: [customization] Adding assoc arrays via config page converts numbers to strings (vboctor)
0017809: [performance] Store config entries json encoded (grangeway)
0017825: [custom fields] Clarify separator that can be used to separate possible values (vboctor)
0008762: [feature] Incorrect categories sorting in the report issue. (vboctor)
0009260: [bugtracker] Manage Columns doesn't work per project (vboctor)
0010730: [security] Improve random number generation with openssl_random_pseudo_bytes (dhx)
0011981: [security] Do not allow to send a reminder on a private issue to users under threshold (dhx)
0012253: [feature] Graphviz Graph to display workflow - PATCH
0012368: [security] Remove input side XSS validation of user real names (dhx)
0012666: [html] Mantis uses Refresh: on IIS instead of Location: (dhx)
0013699: [customization] Changing columns for single projects (vboctor)
0014852: [installation] Installation fails during install with postgres as DB (dregad)
0016024: [security] When user reports an issue, the unpermitted project can be selected (dregad)
0017932: [javascript] CSP violation errors in view_all_bug_page.php (dregad)
0017851: [ui] view_user_page.php is not updated to new styles (vboctor)
0017834: [ui] Change button like links in filter box to buttons (syncguru)
0017815: [ui] Search user box is stretched out (syncguru)
0017830: [filters] Collapse filter box by default (vboctor)
0017831: [ui] View Issue page UI tweaks (syncguru)
0017912: [bugtracker] Summary submenu displays "\n" on the page (dregad)
0011826: [security] Remove all inline JavaScript from MantisBT (use external scripts instead) (dhx)
       0009117: [javascript] Please remove projax from mantis (dhx)
       0012631: [javascript] Replace old inline dynamic filter code with jQuery equivalent (dhx)
0017916: [ui] Login form is stretched on large resolutions (syncguru)
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