Source code repository integration with MantisBT 1.3.x

The built-in source code repository integration feature from the days of MantisBT 1.1.x has been removed in MantisBT 1.3.x. This feature is superseded by the SourceIntegration plugin available for use with MantisBT 1.2.0 and later versions. The old in-built system had very limited capabilities and hadn’t been properly maintained for some time.

SourceIntegration is a set of plugins developed by John Reese (MantisBT developer) which allows you to integrate your MantisBT instance with multiple source code repositories at the same time. Currently supported version control systems include Subversion, WebSVN, SourceForge SVN hosting, Gitweb and Github.

The main benefit of SourceIntegration is the modular design which allows you to quickly and effortlessly integrate MantisBT with different version control systems. A new plugin for HgWeb (Mercurial) support took around 2 hours to create inclusive of the learning curve of becoming familiar with how SourceIntegration works. You can expect this plugin and more to become available with future versions of SourceIntegration.

The official MantisBT bug tracker has been using the SourceIntegration plugin for months without issue. The reason you’ve been seeing prefixes such as “Fix #123456:” and “Issue #234567:” in commit messages is that SourceIntegration automatically links commits with bugs on the official tracker where one (or more) of those prefixes exists.

If you have any problems with SourceIntegration or would like to submit patches, please report your issues at John’s plugin bug tracker instead of at the official MantisBT bug tracker.

You are strongly urged to migrate from the old in-built system to SourceIntegration if you haven’t done so already. As of MantisBT 1.3.0 the in-built system will no longer exist (you won’t lose historical data however).

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13 Responses to Source code repository integration with MantisBT 1.3.x

  1. Chris says:

    Really good news, bugtracker+version control go hand in hand, and I’m very pleased to see a project that not only acknowledges this, but embraces it and supports it in core. Thank you!

  2. leixin says:

    I need this software to study! thank you !

  3. Ton Plomp says:

    Anywhere we can see the hgweb plugin? I would like to testrun this.


  4. Mungo says:

    Really good plugin, using it for some time now.
    Only problem is the lack of documentation, I found it kinda hard to set up. Some options aren’t self-explanatory.

  5. David Hicks says:

    @Ton: You can check out the HgWeb plugin from;h=refs/heads/hgweb but please note the limitations. It currently supports everything the other plugins do except for listing the files modified with each commit. When I get around to adding support for determining the files in each release, this plugin will most likely be ready to be integrated with SourceIntegration.

  6. Ton Plomp says:

    Thanks for the link!
    Mungo, could you share some pointers? I am getting an error 401 referencing an error 1048, saying that the revesion number cannot be nill. (or should we report this somewhere else)


  7. Pranav says:

    Will the SourceIntegration plugin support CVS. It is not listed as one of source control supported. Also where can I find docs about configuring it.


  8. Rady says:

    It make MantisBT easier and becoming more powerful !

    When the MantisBT 1.3.x will be released?

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  10. Steve says:

    This is a nice plugin but I agree with one of the previous comments, the documentation could certainly use an upgrade, but overall, very nice plugin.

  11. Ashish says:

    Can any one tell me steps to be carried out for plugin installation to mantis…

  12. Josh says:

    This blog post is about 2 years old now. Is mercurial integration any further along? It seems like the project is inactive.

  13. Robert Boehne says:

    Is there any way to integrate MantisBT with a source repository in Gerrit?

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