MantisBT 2.0.0 (stable) Released – Happy New Year!!!

We managed to squeeze in the MantisBT 2.0.0 stable release before the end of 2016.  That is a great milestone for both the team and the MantisBT user community.  We had very positive feedback on the 2.0.0 release candidates and lots of enquires about when the stable release will be available.  So here you go!  Happy new year!

The eco-system of plugins and new work in core MantisBT will be focused on the modern UI shipped in 2.0.0, and hence it is highly recommended for users to upgrade to 2.0.0 to benefit from the monthly releases.

Modern UI

  • Bootstrap 3.3.6 is used as the basis for the new modern UI (#17919)
  • FontAwesome 4.6.3 is now used for icons instead of images (#17919)
  • New UI Is based on a theme contributed by Mohsen (#17919).
  • Mobile friendly responsive UI (#17919)
  • Drag and Drop files to attach them to issues (#19590)
  • Modern Graphs using Chartjs for better looking, more interactive, and easier to setup graphs. (#12825)
  • Show attachments inline with notes (#21727).
  • Most of the plugins were updated to be compatible with the Modern UI. Look for a branch named modern-ui (or check on the plugin repositories.

Modern My View Page

Modern View Issues PageModern View Issue Page

Deprecated Features

  • Custom Functions in favor of Plugins
  • News feature – already deprecated
  • Project Docs – already deprecated
  • Sponsorships – already deprecated
  • jQuery-UI – This library will be removed from 2.0.x releases soon.

Removed Features

  • DB2 Support

Checkout the new release on mantisbt website and report any issues you may find via our official bugtracker.

The db schema is the same between 1.3.x and 2.0.0.

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22 Responses to MantisBT 2.0.0 (stable) Released – Happy New Year!!!

  1. Anders Sandblad says:

    Fantastic news! Congratulations and happy new year!

  2. Sulian Lanteri says:

    Yes !!!

  3. didaquis says:

    Time tracking function is deprecated?

    Victor, did you read this conversation in official forum?

  4. Cool, thanks!
    We have already migrated to new version!

    Lots of greetings from our developers!

  5. Mario says:

    Thank you! Best wishes for 2017!

  6. John says:

    Does the new version fully support MS-SQL as a database engine? Or is that still a work in progress?

    • Victor Boctor says:

      The recommended db engine to use is MySQL. There is experimental support for other db engines by one of the core devs + community. However, your best bet from support and compatibility perspective is always going to be MySQL.

  7. Markus says:


    docs is deprecated quite some time already. What is the official replacement for this feature?

  8. Markus says:


    yet another question: the overview page lacks the legend for the status colors older versions had as footer. Can this be enabled somehow? And can I make the use of the status color more prominent somehow? Formerly the whole entry used it as background. What kind of options for such functionality do I have in V2.0?

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  10. Clay Li says:

    Attachment in R2.0 is now inlined as comments. In 1.3.x the attachment is listed prior to comments. Is there an option to have attachments to show as in 1.3.x?

  11. Sam Tuke says:

    Brilliant to see this release

  12. Barry Staes says:

    Some things i encountered / feedback that may benefit others..
    1) Please mention what PHP version a specific release was made for and/or requires.
    2) Please look into why Installatron does not know of (or upgrade to) 1.3 or 2.0.
    3) This page says “highly recommended for users to upgrade to 2.0.0” but does not elaborate on how to do that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    As for upgrading there are some steps involved. Go to (not this blog site) and click Support => go to Docs => Administrator’s Guide => Admin_Guide.pdf
    Then read section 2.5 (page 9) “Upgrading” and follow the instructions.

    These documents are for version 1.3 but i read somewhere that 2.0 uses the same DB schema so it should work and only look different. Note i did not see this reflected in the upgrade documentation but i’ve read somewhere that file locations have changed between versions.

  13. Uday says:

    I just installed the 2.1.0 . But while trying to install the plugin: EmailReporting the Action in the Manage Configuration Page is not not showing the Install button. In the dependency column it is showing ‘MantisBT Core 1.2.6, <2.0.99' for the EmailReporting row.
    Is anybody else facing similar issue? Any idea how to deal with this?

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