MantisBT 1.2.7 Released

Howdy all,

MantisBT 1.2.7 is a security update for the stable 1.2.x branch. All installations that are currently running any 1.2.x version are advised to upgrade to this release.

Net.Edit0r from BlACK Hat Group posted a vulnerability report for an XSS issue in search.php. All MantisBT users (including anonymous users that are not logged in to public bug trackers) could be impacted by this vulnerability. Refer to issue #13245 for full details.

This release also contains numerous minor bug fixes to MantisBT and improved translations in many languages.

A full changelog for 1.2.7 can be found on the official site:

The release can be downloaded from:


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4 Responses to MantisBT 1.2.7 Released

  1. George says:

    Dear Madam and Sir,
    can i include Images directly in the Discription with the new version?

  2. hougong says:

    I hope to use mantis to Manage the bug

  3. Weyden says:

    I just upgraded to 1.2.7 and on the login screen I am gettting the error that states the following: “Warning: Admin directory should be removed.” Are you referring to c:\MantisBT\admin? Is this a part of the new upgrade? My last version 1.2.2 had this directory and I did not get this warning message. Is there a reason why I should remove this directory?

  4. maomao3389 says:

    table bugtracker.mantis_config_table doesn’t exitst

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