MantisBT 1.2.5 Released

Hi all,

MantisBT 1.2.5 is a maintenance update for the stable 1.2.x branch. It is recommended that all MantisBT users (including those still using 1.1.x or earlier versions) upgrade to this latest release.

This release brings improved translations in many languages as well as numerous bug fixes across a range of MantisBT features.

A full changelog for 1.2.5 can be found on the official site:

The release is available for download at:


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10 Responses to MantisBT 1.2.5 Released

  1. Good evening friends,

    I am having serious problem with mantis.
    I installed the new version 1.2.5 and the graphics do not work, simply does not display any image.

    I would have to install any previous version to begin work? On windows using wamp functioned normally, but when made ​​available on Linux, it crashed.

    Version MySQL5.0.92-community
    Version cPanel11.28.87-RELEASE_51188
    Version PHP5.2.14
    Version Apache2.2.17

    Everton Gonçalves

  2. Cor Driehuis says:

    @Everton Gonçalves, this is not the place to ask questions like these, but more to make remarks like: Thank for the 1.2.5 release great work!. My I urge you to visit and then e.g. visit the forum and re-ask your question there. Not that we do not want to help, just a Blog is not the place to ask for help.

  3. theHunter says:

    Thanks for the release and the fixes! I’m thinking about doing a “status display view” for a wall monitor, so a development team can see current and new incoming issues.

  4. Juha says:

    Thank you for your work on maintaining Mantis! Keep up your good work!

  5. Wim Leers says:

    Until the MantisBT maintainers see the light and finally provide .patch files for UNIX users and Windows users with a sufficiently advanced environment, I’ll keep explaining how to do so (first time was for Mantis 1.2.4.

    If you don’t have MantisBT checked out yet:

    git clone
    git diff --no-prefix release-1.2.4..release-1.2.5 > mantis-1.2.4-to-1.2.5.patch


    git pull
    git diff --no-prefix release-1.2.4..release-1.2.5 > mantis-1.2.4-to-1.2.5.patch

    Apply the patch to your existing code with:

    cd /your/mantis/directory
    patch -p0 < mantis-1.2.4-to-1.2.5.patch

  6. Wim Leers says:

    Wim, I would be interested in finding out why you are using patch files . Can you please join our mailing list and outline your use case?



  7. Jay says:

    theHunter – I would totally use this!

  8. Justin F says:

    Thanks Wim – a few simple lines saved me many hours and much puzzlement!

  9. Thank you for the 1.2.5 release great work, we use it for many clients and nearly most of them are very satisfied.


    Thomas Borsutzky

  10. Mark Oudsen says:

    Keep up the good work!

    I do however have a question as I started participating in patching Mantis with minor changes:

    How do I promote a change to a release?

    Example: “ability to search in custom fields”. Patch is there, works fine, but how does such a change make it into a next release?



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