Mantis SOAP API out-of-the-box in v1.1.0a4

As of Mantis 1.1.0a4, MantisConnect web service will be released out-of-the-box with Mantis under the GPL license. The MantisConnect project will remain focused on the client libraries for the web service and useful tools on top of such libraries. MantisConnect currently has client libraries in C#, Java and Cocoa. It also includes tools like Eclipse Plug-in, Mylyn-Mantis Mylar Connector, NAnt task, Mantis Notifier, Cropper Plugin, and others.

In the future, other APIs may be released like XML-RPC, REST, etc. Work on such APIs will depend on demand and contributions. For now, SOAP will remain the main API for remote access to Mantis.

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4 Responses to Mantis SOAP API out-of-the-box in v1.1.0a4

  1. Jose Sa says:

    I found this API to be conflicting with PHP 5, namelly the class soapclient which is already defined.

    The workaround I found was to disable the soap extension in the PHP ini file so not to go back to PHP 4. But still it’s a nice addition and in most parts it seems to work ok.

  2. Eddy says:

    Jose is right. I get
    “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class soapclient in /var/www/ on line 7240” when I try to call mantisconnect.php

    Unfortunately I don’t know how to disable the default soap classes 🙁

  3. Ronald says:

    Other workaround is to rename class ‘soapclient’

  4. admin says:

    Eddy, Jose, this was a bug in the Nusoap library that is used by Mantis SOAP API. This was fixed by upgrading to their latest version. This issue is resolved in Mantis 1.1.0 stable release.

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